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Proactive Approach to Mental Health

Giving autonomy and control to users for their self-care habits and mental health. MoodIQ provides insights on how people can be proactive, take time to reflect and change their self-care behaviors.


Graduate Thesis


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Mood tracking and mental health apps focus on the reflective nature of understanding and comprehending emotion. Being proactive in choices for self-care coupled with a deeper understanding of the patterns of the data are missed by the majority of self-care and mental health applications.

Goal: To create a habit and mood tracking tool that promotes self-care for a proactive approach to mental health through insightful data to better one’s mental health and wellbeing.

Solution: MoodIQ allows users the ability to choose their areas of focus, reflect on their efforts, and recognize the patterns of their self-care and mental health. MoodIQ encourages individuals’ intrinsic motivators coupled with extrinsic nudges through the platform.


An online survey was used to understand the needs of the user and the self-care practice and mental health of users. The survey was created through Google forms and based upon previous research in the field along to achieve data to determine if participants implemented self-care strategies if they had the tools necessary to understand their mental health and prevent burnout and if they believe their efforts through self-care helped their mental health. Through this, I was able to survey 395 participants (N=395).


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Survey Results

struggle with their mental health

think self-care is important

feel they could be doing more for their self-care

feel they have the tools necessary to track their mental health


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It’s very hard to do self-care without it turning into feeling like I’m wasting time. I need to get better at it.

It's a constant push to remind myself to make the time for myself.

You have to be mindful about it and be intentional to practice self-care but it’s hard to do when you’re really busy.

It’s such an up and down process sometimes I am really good at it and sometimes I could be doing more. More often than not I am not doing enough.

I don’t do a lot really for self-care. I should be doing much more.


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MoodIQ is ongoing research for my Master’s Thesis Project. I am currently working with the Too Much Information Lab with advisor Stephen Voida researching mental health, digital wellbeing, and self-care tools through technology.